Look no further. Your basic poker strategy is here!

A few basic poker strategy for beginners will be covered here so you can start playing the world's most well-known card game.

Poker has several variants played throughout the world. There are types where you play versus the dealer like Caribbean stud and Pai Gow. There are also variations where you play against numerous players; Texas Hold'Em is the most popular match under this category.

When we talk about the basic poker strategy here, it is about Texas Hold'Em because it is very likely that this will be the game you'll be playing.

Know The Hands

The most basic poker strategy is memorizing all the possible hands. These hands are, by order of lowest to highest value: one high card, one pair, double pairs and three of the same kind. A straight follows, which is a series of any five cards, then a flush, which is made up of five cards with whatever number. The full house follows - a pair and a three of the same kind. After the full house is the four of the same kind. The highest valued hand is a natural straight, which is made up by same-suit five cards in a sequence. The strongest hand is a royal flush made up of a jack, queen, king, 10 and ace with identical suits. You should be very well-versed with these will affect your decisions when playing.

Learn Flops

Learning about poker hands is also important in relation to deciding what hands can be formed from the flop. You must have the ability to appreciate the possibilities if the perfect river or turn card comes or how the two hole cards in your possession can be made into something more valuable by only making use of the table cards. This skill will be important if you are to decide if it's beneficial for you to raise and stay or just fold before anything bad happens. Most importantly, by looking at the flop, you should be able to examine the possible hands that you could additionally make; these hands may not necessarily be of benefit to you. For instance, you should be able to determine if your hand is stronger than a straight.

Moreover, you should be curious and able to tell if there are any pairs available on the table. When you cannot quickly determine what hands could be formed from a flop, you shouldn't get yourself involved in poker for money. You have to be conscious and think like this if you want to be in the game for a long time since poker is ultimately about seeing the possibilities.