Beach Volleyball In Brazil

Beach volleyball is increasingly becoming a dominant sport in Brazil. Rio, with its many beaches from Leme to Leblon, offers a great location for amateurs and professionals to be able to partake in the sport. There is a large number of beach volleyball schools on the beaches or Rio. Here, people can hone their skills in preparation for competitions or for fun. These schools admit people of various skill level as well as gender. The schools offer classes in the mornings and evening, and they require a monthly membership fee for one to join and remain enrolled.

Brazuka Gringo Volleyball is a group found in Leme that organizes fun matches on Friday and Sunday nights. Meetings start at around 8PM at Posto 1where the group members play a few games and also have a few drinks together. The group has been growing rapidly with its membership at 10 to 15 players on every session. However, anyone can join the games since experience in volleyball is not required. The group is all about fun and exercise. The Brazuka Gringo group can also be viewed as a social gathering where one can meet new people, share experiences with the players, visitors and the locals about Brazil.

Another way through which one can have a casual game is by basically getting hold of a net, a ball and meeting friends at an open court for a game. This is often done during off-peak hours, weekends that are not so sunny and later in the evenings during the week. However, players do leave their spots if the owners of the posts show up and claim them. Posts, located on all beaches in Rio, are normally rented out for long periods of time. Renting on a long term basis is often done to the escolinhas who need them often for their scheduled practices.

Beach volleyball is a great way for both boys and girls to come together and have fun while exercising. Rio is a great place for anyone willing to partake in the sport to do so. It also offers numerous opportunities for people to improve on their skills.