Betting On The 2016 Olympics Will Be Great - Like The World Cup!

When it comes to betting on the 2016 Olympics being held in Brazil, it really promises to be a cracker. It also promises to deliver an incredible amount of bets with such a multitude of sporting events, one's head will probably be spinning knowing exactly where to start!

For those who are unfamiliar, the London Olympic Games of 2012 are now designated to the history books. The torch moves on to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro for this 31st Olympiad. Just like the World Cup of 2014, this event will offer lots of great opportunities for betting on the 2016 Olympics.

The Games themselves are the biggest sporting event in the world, and this will be the first time that Brazil has been the host. The legendary MaracanĂ£ stadium will be put to good use once again as it was in the 2014 World Cup. The stadium's pitch has seen many a memorable sporting moment including two World Cup finals and also was the stadium where Pele scored his 1000th goal.

Known as the 'Temple of Football' the MaracanĂ£, offers tours around the stadium, where tourists can visit inside the players changing rooms, and can view artefacts of players and classic games that have taken place in the past.

Adding to its distinctive heritage, a finely woven new chapter will be unveiled in 2016. The Maraca as it is locally known, will stage both opening and closing ceremonies for the Paralympics and the Olympic Games, as well as hosting the key games for the International Olympic football tournament.

Although the 2014 World Cup was played out over a period of 32 days if events are anything to go by, this will truly be quite an amazing 17 days. With its gorgeous sandy beaches, lush rainforest and awe-inspiring mountains, its passionate local inhabitants are sure to make these Olympics a highly memorable affair!

For the gambler who's betting on the 2016 Olympics, they will be presented with a diverse range of sports that they can select from. There will be Athletics, Archery, Basketball, , , Boxing, Equestrian Jumping, Fencing, Freestyle Wrestling, Football, Golf, Handball, Swimming, Sailing Shooting, Table Tennis, the list goes on.

Athletes from all over the globe will be competing for Gold Silver and Bronze medals, many having been in training for years just to be selected and attend the event representing their country. Who will be the winners? There will be lots of speculation, along with lots of betting opportunities. Enjoy the Games, and good luck to all!