Sandbag Games Technique

Sandbag is commonly known as slow-playing; it is a strategy used by players in a bid to try to trap their opponents. Players do so by checking a strong hand in a small pot and raising the stakes once their opponents have wagered. Players attempting to maximize expectation often use this ploy. This technique is mostly used in poker. You can test it yourself without risk in Planet 7 casino by using their no deposit bonus. Sandbag games majors on deceiving an opponent that you have a weak hand while indeed you have a strong one. This is done through calling or checking using a hand that you would normally raise or bet with. When the pot is large enough, then the sandbagger can quickly change course and begin raising and betting.

Other Unorthodox Strategies

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  2. Some of the these strategies are a bit on the crazy side, but its always a good exercise to think through why something would be effective or not- like tanking on purpose while shooting pool.

Sandbagging is often quite effective when playing with maniacs and overly aggressive players. This is because the ploy relies on the opponent building the pot for you and aggressive players will almost always fall into the trap. Although sandbagging can be very effective when dealing with certain players, you should refrain from excessive use of the ploy. This is because you can miss out on some good plays and make losses if, for example, you hold a strong hand and check instead of bet and all your opponents do the same. It also gives your players the opportunity suck you out without paying for it. Therefore, you have to be sure that a bet is coming in after you for you to attempt the ploy. Ensure that the people you are playing with will increase the volume of the pot so that you can have it all in the end.

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Another reason why sand games are not to be used frequently, is that you may become known as the 'sandbagging guy'. This will make it difficult for you to pull off the sandbagging ploy in the future. Many players are constantly sandbagging by applying the check-raise criteria. However, this is ill-advised since the other players will take note of this and become suspicious every time the player checks. This will also make it difficult to pull off the strategy. In short, if you get used to sandbag games too often, the players will stop sweetening the pot for you. In the end, you will have very few check raise opportunities while giving up too many free cards. If this happens to you, then you have to rethink your strategy by reducing the number of check raise attempts and sandbagging less frequently.

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