Beach Soccer And The Delights Of The 2014 Brazil World Cup

We have all enjoyed the glorious scenes of the World Cup this summer what with the magnificent backdrop of Brazil and all it has to offer. As well as watching the tournament itself, we revelled in the delight of seeing commentators in their shirtsleeves, sweating it out in the 35c temperatures. They would enthuse about the upcoming spectacle for any given day there was a game on, amidst beach soccer being played in the back round by toned, young olive skin locals on the sunny beaches of Rio.

Of course beach soccer was not the only thing that was on display on the beaches, we were also mesmerised by the abundance of stunning bikini clad young beauties totally unaware they too also had a global TV audience of over 120 countries. With countless millions of people tuning in, it would be fully expected that the soccer fan in his local bar or pub, would gladly exchange his bottle of Bud for the opportunity to share a cocktail or two with some of the local delights that were gracing our screens many miles away and join in the ongoing festivities.

Football or soccer of course has been played on the beaches of the world for many years, so it is really nothing new, the game being played on sand is quite a different proposition for the pro players of the worldwide game which is played on grass wearing soccer boots. Playing beach soccer and playing on sand in bare feet is an entirely different experience that I expect you could compare to the very first time you decided to throw away your mattress and purchase your very first waterbed. That first night was something you probably never forget, especially the following morning when wobbling and trying to keep your balance at the same time, you tried to get up whilst still half asleep. Yet another one of life's little challenges. So it is for playing footie on the sand, but then if you've got the skills and can adapt why not flaunt them and get a tan at the same time, at least if you fall you won't bang your head!